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Factcheck: Did the Federal Government approve #8000 as a relief fund?

A post has surfaced on social media claiming that the government has approved #8,000 relief fund.

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Zainab iwayemi


Since the onset of the pandemic, it is apparent that many has being shaken by the consequences which the virus poses; particularly in the financial aspect, and as such, citizens have called upon the government to come to their aid. In lieu of this, a post has surfaced on social media claiming that the government has approved #8,000 relief fund.

Roundcheck Findings:

Sequel to the viral post on social media that the federal government is giving out #8,000 naira as palliative for the global pandemic, Roundcheck can confirm that the information is a mere strategy to generate traffic to the site (

In fact, A click on the site leads you to eventually share the same post to others on your contact and groups; a condition for claiming the fund. At the end, you lose at both ends — not getting the money and receiving insults for sending to others.


The information is false.

Before the ease of lockdown, the Nigerian government, organizations, and prominent individuals had made attempt to give out palliatives to support citizens who are immensely affected by the virus; even though there seem to be loophole in the government act of disbursement as it is known to have being politicized — It is however important to note that none of these palliatives disbursement process involved a link spread on social media.

The palliatives were either disbursed physically, following the rules of social distancing; in form of money or good items, or through the central bank; in the form of  loan — Targeted Credit Facility (TCF).

Citizens are hereby advised to be careful on the kind of links they click and share as some are disguised to enable hackers get into personal devices thereby gaining access to vital information’s and bank account. Refrain from clicking on sites that advertise what looks too good to be true and ensure to affirm the authenticity of information before spreading to others.

Roundcheck is one of such platform whose members have taken it upon themselves help you confirm news authenticity.

This Fact-Check was done under Roundcheck. Non of this content should be republished without attributing the Author/Roundcheck

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