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False, Coca-Cola Is Not Recruiting New Workers In Canada And United Kingdom This Year (2022)

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Coca-Cola is recruiting new workers for this year and only a few workers are needed.

A broadcast message was shared on WhatsApp, with texts that read that there’s a new job vacancy in the United Kingdom and Canada with a free visa.

Alongside is a link for interested applicants to apply – as it was designed to be from The Coca-Cola Company, looking forward to recruiting over 410,000 workers and students in 2022.

According to the broadcast message, “Application! Application!! Application!!! Here’s a great opportunity to work in the United Kingdom.

Coca-Cola is recruiting new workers for this 2022 and over 410,000 Workers are needed to work with both skilled and unskilled individuals.


-Ready to travel to Canada/United Kingdom

-Applicants must be Education

-Applicants must not have criminal records


-Free Visa

-Free Accommodation

-$4000-$7000 per month

-$500 weekly bonus

-Flight Tickets Assured

-No Agent Fee

-Work and Study Available for students

Both Workers and Students can apply Nationwide. Apply Now


In the process of applying, and checking if the information officially came from The Coca-Cola company and not computerized means to drive traffic to someone else’s website or blog.

ROUNDCHECK, firstly, discovered the link as a click-bait – a text that is designed to attract attention and to make readers click on a link; which directly leads to another content that does not relatively reflect the previous content.


After clicking on the link, your personal information is required on the application form; title, first and last name, phone number, email, and others – before applying.


In a straightforward, with or without the completion of the first step, you will be congratulated that you have been offered the opportunity to work for The Coca-Cola Company in Canada or United Kingdom when you click on apply in the first step.

However, “answer the following questions (qualification status, marital status, and age range) to proceed immediately” – the page reads.


This reveals more reasons you should discard the news.

In this step, you will be notified that your answers have been considered (even without answering any of the answers) and an application letter will be sent to your registered email.

This is typically misleading content as it also notes that you will not get the application letter sent to you if you do not invite friends/groups to apply for the application.


To be sure and clear in our conclusion, we forged ahead to share the link with designated groups on WhatsApp – to check if the application letter will truly be sent.

What we got in response was contrary to the promise on the latter step. It was another task to complete.

According to the page, “to facilitate the sending of Application letter must complete this final step of Human Verification!”

“You need to be careful to carry out the tasks so, that your application will be sent to you according to your gender.”

“(Remember, this step is very important)”

“Now, select your gender”

Then, by the time we followed all the steps and completed the tasks, we were automatically redirected to a blog on WordPress

This means the initial purpose behind the link is to get people’s attention and click on the link so, as to have more engagements with the content published on the blog; not the other way round.

ROUNDCHECK checked Coca-Cola company verified accounts on Twitter and sent a direct message to confirm if the company is aware of the information making the rounds on the internet.

According to the confirmation received from The Coca-Cola Company on its Twitter verified account:

“That message is not from The Coca-Cola Company and our name and trademark are being used without permission. We suggest deleting it without replying. For more information, you can visit Thanks for reaching out!”

Conclusion and Vetdict

ROUNDCHECK’s findings revealed that the message is not coming from Coca-Cola Company and their name and trademark are being used without permission.

Therefore, the news that Coca-Cola company is recruiting new workers this year (2022) is FALSE and the link that followed it should be deleted without sharing or clicking.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Internet users are to beware of suspicious links designed to steal their personal information. Users are advised to check the authenticity of links before clicking to avoid their accounts being hacked or defrauded.

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