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The Most Popular 2022 FIFA World Cup Teams On Social Media

Brazil has the highest social media following of all FIFA World Cup teams, with a total of 33.6 million followers across social media.

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•Brazil has the highest social media following of all FIFA World Cup teams, with a total of 33.6 million followers across social media.

•France and Mexico rank as the second and third most popular clubs on social media, respectively.

•England ranks as the fourth most popular, with 23.9 million followers.

New research reveals that Brazil is the most popular 2022 FIFA World Cup team on social media.

Research conducted by online casino comparison experts CasinoAlpha examined the verified social media profiles of each country’s National football team in the World Cup to reveal which country has the highest social media following.

The analysis was based on each team’s combined number of followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The study revealed that Brazil is the most followed 2022 FIFA World Cup squad on social media, with more than 33.6 million combined followers across different platforms.

As one of the most widely supported teams worldwide, Brazil’s National team has the highest number of Instagram and Facebook followers out of all the World Cup countries.

When broken down, Brazil has 12.4 million followers on Facebook, 15.6 million Instagram followers and 5.6 million Twitter followers. 

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France is the second-most followed country in the World Cup, the study revealed. With more than 25.5 million combined followers, France holds the second-highest amount of Twitter followers, 5.9 million, and is the second most popular club on Instagram, with more than 12.8 million followers.  

The third most followed World Cup team is Mexico, with a combined 24.3 million followers across social media. Mexico has the second-highest number of followers on Facebook, with more than 11.2 million followers, and is the most popular club overall on Twitter, with 6.6 million followers.  

England places as the fourth most popular team in the FIFA 2022 World Cup, raking in more than 23.9 million followers across multiple social media platforms. When broken down, England has 5.8 million followers on Twitter and 9 million on Facebook, both the third highest overall, and 9.1 million Instagram followers.

Currently, captain Harry Kane is the most popular England player on Instagram, with 13.5 million followers.

The research found that Argentina has a combined total of 19.4 million followers, ranking as the fifth most popular team on social media. Argentina is the fourth most popular club on Instagram, with 9.4 million followers, as well as the fifth most followed club on Twitter, with 4.9 million followers.

Lionel Messi is currently the most popular Argentina player on Instagram, with a whopping 388 million followers.

The study placed Portugal next in the ranking, with the sixth-highest number of followers across social media, with 19.2 million followers.

The top ten is rounded out by Germany ranking in seventh place with 15.2 million followers, followed by Spain, the United States, and Morocco in eighth, ninth and tenth place, respectively.

A spokesperson for CasinoAlpha commented on the findings: “The World Cup is the most prestigious and followed football tournament in the world, which is demonstrated in each country’s vast social media following. Today, social media completely dominates how fans interact and engage with their home teams, so it is fascinating to see how this is highlighted in each team’s social media popularity.” 

“As the most successful nation in World Cup history, Brazil’s success is clearly reflected in the team’s social media dominance. Although Brazil has been knocked out of the 2022 World Cup following a 4-2 loss to Croatia, the team’s supporters will no doubt hope the team can convert their online success into real-life trophies in 2026.”

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EDITOR’s NOTE: This research was conducted by online casino comparison service Casino Alpha NZ, a website aimed at educating and helping New Zealanders. It is republished by ROUNDCHECK.

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