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Roundcheck Joins Africa Facts Network

Roundcheck Joins Africa Facts Network

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ROUNDCHECK, an independent fact-checking platform, has joined the Africa Facts Network.

The Africa Facts Network is an initiative owned by Africa Check, the first independent fact-checking organization in Africa.

This  Network consists of twenty-three African fact-checking organizations that work together by connecting and creating a bigger platform for other fact-checking organizations to share and exchange experiences and knowledge in the fight against false news and misinformation.

This new development was confirmed by Caleb Ijioma, the Executive Director of ROUNDCHECK  last Tuesday.

In his statement, the ED noted that becoming a member of the network will help combat misinformation at the grassroots level. 

Ijioma added that the offer received by ROUNDCHECK is an indication of the progressive efforts of the team members and volunteers of the platform.

ROUNDCHECK’s membership in the foremost fact-checking network will avail us with the necessary information, tools, and support needed to effectively combat false news in Nigeria and the African continent. This is a step forward for us,” Ijioma stated.

The managing editor, Ikulajolu Adesola also highlighted that Africa Facts Network being a community of fact-checkers will help in building a stronger team in fighting fake news.

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