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Who We Are

ROUNDCHECK is an independent youth-led fact-checking platform. We are set to launch different campaigns and projects to provide solutions to misinformation and disinformation within society, especially among young people.

We are on a mission to build a large hub of young fact-checkers and budding analysts (who shall constitute the youth population with proven records in digital literacy and journalism) all across the various sectors of the society using the best tools and analytical approaches.

Our Mission

ROUNDCHECK as an independent fact-checking organization is aimed at building connections of young fact-checkers and budding analysts who will use tools and analysis to combat misinformation in all areas with a major focus on Education, Community, Health, Elections and Governance, Hoaxes and Youth Inclusiveness as well as covering marginalized topics.

Our crop of fact-checkers and analysts will be sourced across various parts of Nigeria and Africa by extension; to hold management, local authorities, and the society accountable by providing well-researched and analyzed content with authenticity.

Our mission is also to ensure that youths come to the knowledge of digital literacy, media and information literacy, fact-checking- using the best available tools, through training and mentorship.

To give platform to every young fact-checkers in promoting their works and build connections with other fact-checking platforms/newsrooms to jointly combat misinformation.

Our Vision

That in the next five years, our crop of fact-checkers will join global fact-checking platforms having gone through the proper training and mentorship needed for them to produce authentic content with the true information- while we continue to give new checkers the platform to contribute to national unity and combat information disorder.

Our goal is to raise awareness and produce insightful content on topics that are not focused on in society. We are doing this with our connections of fact-checkers in every beat who will be majorly higher institutions students.

That fake news and every other information disorder will be eradicated.

Core Values