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FACTCHECK: Has the NANS president been impeached?

Mr. Danielson was alleged by the Senate council under the leadership of Mr. Gambo Abu Mohammed to have misappropriated of a sum of $200k (#76.2m) meant for covid19 palliative during her emergency virtual meeting. 

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Jeremiah Omoniyi


According to a news story hovering round the internet,  the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) President, Mr. Danielson Bamidele Akpan has been impeached. Mr. Danielson was alleged by the Senate council under the leadership of Mr. Gambo Abu Mohammed to have misappropriated of a sum of $200k (#76.2m) meant for covid19 palliative during her emergency virtual meeting.

The impeachment has also brought several questions from people about the decision of the senate council and the act of the President. A claim also has it that the Senate President was expelled by Mr Bamidele


Roundcheck correspondent, Jeremiah Oluwaferanmi contacted the financial secretary of NANS, Danladi Jonah  about Mr. Akpan’s impeachment, he said the situation on ground made him traveled to Abuja and hopefully a communiqué will be sent to the public. He also affirmed that the senate council has the sole right to impeach the president. The financial secretary said he can’t say anything about the impeachment of the president yet.

Mr. Danladi Jonah explained further that it is an allegation and the court has the right to prove him Mr. Akpan innocent or otherwise. When asked about the financial appropriation of the President, he said his office knew nothing about the money and it was stated that he collected bribe which means no record was available.

Roundcheck spoke with university of Abuja student union government president, Oladoja Habeeb, about the happenings in NANS. Mr. Habeeb is one of the Senators in the senate council and chairman of student union presidents. He made us understand that the senate president Gambo Abu Mohammed was never expelled by the president as was said by some people rather it was the president that was impeached by the two-third of the senate council. He said the NANS president doesn’t have the authority to do such according the constitution.

“The majority impeached the president because of misappropriation of funds and Mr. Akpan the president hasn’t spoken about it” said Oladoja.

Mr. Oladoja also said the senate council immediately installed a new president named Chidi Ilugbede.

While speaking with the Senate President Gambo Abu Mohammed firstly he debunked his expulsion as the senate president and confirmed the impeachment of Mr. Akpan Bamidele as the NANS president over alledged misappropriation of funds worth $200,000. He said the executive can never expel a senate president it has never happen anywhere in the world.

Mr. Gambo Abu Mohammed gave the reason for the virtual conference as a result of the covid-19 pandemic in the world. He went further by citing the United Nation general assembly for this year was held through a virtual meeting. However, he said it isn’t constitutional but the pandemic came without notice.

The senate president spoke about the committee members chosen to investigate the act of the president and he said according to the constitution, NANS recognizes life members which consist of former presidents and the vice presidents. He said Haruna Kadri wasn’t a member of the committee.  Mr. Gambo also said life members; executive and senate members are members as well.

When asked if the president embezzled fund? He confirmed it but said he won’t disclose the source of the investigation conducted to the public.

The clerk of the senate, Kabiru Muhammed Ibrahim from Ibrahim Badamasi Babaginda University attested to the committee setup to investigate the president. To buttress it all he is also a member of the committee. The list of names of members is stated below.

Olanrewaju shegun (Asg)

Pedro Chibuzor Obi(Dsp)

Kabiru m Ibrahim (Senate clerk/committee secretary)

Ekemini inyang(ex officio 1)

Others are former leaders and stakeholders

Barr. Tochukwu O.

Victory Ogolo

Adamu Bello Bauchi

Tijjani Usman

Kasali Omotayo etc


After confirming from different sources, the information about the impeachment of Mr Bamidele Akpan over financial misconduct by the senate council is true.

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