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FACT-CHECK: Is Winners Chapel Spending 114 Billion Naira On Its New Building As Posted By A Facebook User?

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On Monday, March 14, a Facebook user, Tope Fasua posted a screenshot made from WhatsApp on his Facebook page. The post stated that Winners Chapel needs 200 million dollars to build their ark, that is 114,000,000,000 billion in naira. The screenshot also reads that the money, if invested in education, will solve all of the people’s problems.

The post which was made at 1:44 pm has gathered 272 reactions, reposted by 220 people with 309 comments at publishing time. There have been different reactions to the post, with only a few in support.


Background To Winners Chapel Ark

“The Ark ” is the name of the ongoing building project of The Winners Chapel International, also known as Living Faith Church Worldwide. It is one of the biggest and most popular churches in Nigeria, headed by Bishop David Oyedepo. “The Ark” is built on 1,000 hectares of land at the old Faith Academy compound within the premises of the church building. Multiple sources have it that the building is projected to house 100,000 worshippers. 

Roundcheck Findings

Roundcheck moved to fact-check the post. From its findings, it was discovered that the 200 million dollars that the post said will be needed to build the ark isn’t the correct amount earmarked to build the ark. 

Also, the 200 million dollars when converted to naira won’t equal 114,000,000,000 billion as the post claimed. 200 million dollars when converted to naira amounts to 83,184,000,000,000 billion (using the current $1 = 415.44 naira rate).

Roundcheck also spoke with an official of Winners Chapel who refused to disclose the actual budget of the building. “Even if any amount of money is said, it will end up being twisted and changed later. But not to worry, whosoever will know at the right time since it’s God’s work,” the official said.

From further findings, a video was obtained from an official of the church. The video revealed that during “The Ark Prophetic Ground Breaking” service on the 25th of March, 2021, the head of the church, Bishop David Oyedepo only said it is a multi-billion dollar building. “Let me spare you the cost of this building, just say it is multi-billion,” Bishop David Oyedepo announced.

Conclusion and Verdict

From Roundhceck findings, the claim that Winners Chapel needs 200 million dollars (114 billion naira) to complete its Ark is FALSE. The church is yet to reveal any amount budgeted for the building. 


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