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#100,000 Air Peace government transportation subsidies is false

#100,000 Air Peace government transportation subsidies is false

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A viral post claims an individual gets to win #100000 after answering a questionnaire about Air peace government transportation.

Individuals are being asked to click on a link ( to have access to the cash prize.

About Air Peace

Air Peace is a private Nigerian airline founded by  Allen Ifechukwu Onyema in the year 2013 with its head office in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is the flag carrier and the largest airline in Nigeria and West Africa.

Air Peace has provided passenger and charter services, it serves the major cities of Nigeria and flies to several West African destinations and the Middle East.

The airline also established a subsidiary, Air Peace Hopper, in 2018.

Air Peace offered to evacuate Nigerian citizens for free during the xenophobic violence outbreak against foreign nationals in South Africa in September 2019. Over 300 persons took advantage of this offer and traveled on board chartered Boeing 777 flights from Johannesburg to Lagos.


A click on the shared link uncovered the front page of the site that revealed a congratulatory message. It read;

” Congratulations

Air peace government transportation subsidies!

Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get 100000 Naira. “

Air peace

Below the congratulatory message is the questionnaire that contains four (4) multi-choice questions. Answering one question leads to the next question.

  • Question 1 of 4: Do you know Air Peace?
  • Question 2 of 4: How old are you?
  • Question 3 of 4: What do you think of Air Peace?
  • Question 4 of 4: Are you male or female?

A successful response to the question above brings a new page that disclosed the next step.  

#100,000 Air Peace government transportation subsidies is false

It reads:


Your answers have been saved successfully!

You have a chance to win gifts

You must select the correct box with your prize inside

You have 3 attempts. Good luck!

The last page is a congratulatory message that reveals the last phase to get the price with two steps. It reads :

  • Share with 5 groups/20 friends on Whatsapp
  • Click continue and claim your prize.  

In a conversation with a webmaster, Habeeb Akewusola, ROUNDCHECK was able to get more information about the website and its structure.  

He said the site is hosted on a local host which is the reason why the link has a random URL with the domain name ‘Air peace’.  He went further to give detailed reasons why the website changes its URL once it’s been clicked on.

“It is because the website is not hosted on a live server, the Url might be changing on every click,” Habeebat said. 

The website was developed to look legit because it was being attached to Cloudflare to make it protected but it is a 100% phishing site.”

However, Habeeb went further to explain the site has not been flagged by Google because it is not hosted on a normal host and the changing URL.  

ROUNDCHECK made a thorough check on Air peace’s verified Facebook and Twitter handles and it revealed they do not have any information on the said Government subsidies.  

ROUNDCHECK noticed Air peace had once disclaimed a similar claim on the same link.  The disclaimed website is the same as this claim website but a little change was made to the v content. 

ROUNDCHECK reached out to Air Peace via email, after days of no reply, we called the center via telephone to notify them of the mail requesting their clarification. Air Peace call center notified us that the claim is false and should be discarded.

“It’s false; kindly disregard this,”  the call center said.


The claim that an individual gets to win #100000 after answering a questionnaire about Air peace government transportation subsidies, is FALSE as findings have shown it is not VALID.

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